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So i am starting a online art class due to the fact i go to ECOT.

I wanted to get a tablet to do art with and maybe a few manips if the mood strikes me.

But i was wondering whats the difference between a bamboo tablet and intuos tablet?
Also whats the difference with a pen that has an eraser and one without?
Can i use GIMP with these tablets?
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Can't really comment on bamboo vs intuos as I have never used an intuos, I imagine the intuos may be better/preferable to some as it came out after the bamboo and I have seen some intuos (a few years ago) tablets being sold for 2k+, however if your budget is low and you can only get a bamboo don't stress! I paid $90 years ago for a very, very basic bamboo and I couldn't fault it.

Unsure about eraser as well but YES, they are compatible with GIMP. :)
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Bamboo's aren't what they use to be, they're now just basically a larger version of a laptop track pad with some sensitivity. They're tiny as well(5.4" x 6.5") and apparently fall asleep often and have a very short battery life(uses AAA batteries).

I have the Bamboo Splash which I bought last year before they changed to this new one. What I have would probably be comparable to the Intuos Pen Small. It does not have an eraser, but it's not really necessary. I just mapped one of the keys on my pen to Photoshop's shortcut to the eraser so all I have to do is hold the button while I erase.
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I have an Intous 5 Large.. And adore it.
I bought it right after they changed the name to Intous Pro.. So same tablet but I got it for MUCH cheaper on Ebay new.
I've played with some of the Bamboo's and I do not care that much for it..
You can pick up an INtous small for about 100$ I believe.
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What used to be bamboo is now Intuos.
What used to be intuos is now Intuos Pro.
(Old bamboo had 1024 pressure levels; old intuos had 2048. New intuos has 1024 levels and new intuos pro has 2048)

I myself have the old bamboo pen and touch and I love it. Now that would come down to the intuos pen and touch.
Size wise mine is medium and I love it. Small is pretty tiny for me; but that depends on how you like to move your hands.
Brand wise Wacom wins hands down. I tried a few others and none had the same good feel.

If your budget is small go Intuos. If you've got a big budget get the Intuos Pro or higher :3
LS Blue Haven Estate     •  33,308 career posts 2437 days ago
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