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The Account Merger Option, which allows you to merge together as many legacy PB3, Morgan, Paint, Pegasus or Nokota accounts as you like will be released July 11/12th, possibly sooner if testing goes well with the mods.

We have received a lot of messages and emails on the merger feature, so I decided to break it down a little more clearly.

1. When you merge one account to another, all your horses, items, messages, photos, photo comments, news, news comments, forum posts, etc will be moved to the primary account you are merging to. Some things will not be moved, but added to your main account, such as PonyBucks, credits, stats, karma, etc.

2. Join Date will be set to whichever account has the earliest date.

3. Stats, such as total forum posts, karma, credits etc, will be added to your primary account. For example, if you had 3,000 forum posts in one account and 1,000 in the other, you will now show 4,000 posts.

4. Stats that make up a record, such as highest jump for your barn, will be set to whichever account has the better stat.

5. Feed will be additive similar to item 3 above.

6. Training discipline levels will reflect whichever account had the better percentage for the specific discipline.

7. Your legacy server icon WILL NOT merge over. The legacy server icon will remain the same as the account you are merging to.

8. Barn Brand and Barn Name will not move over and will be lost.

Once you select to merge an account into your primary account, you will no longer be able to access the account you are trying to merge from, and it will be scheduled for deletion shortly after the merge completes. The merge option is not reversible!

Members that previously donated for a low account ID will need to contact us once the merge option is available to be given a low ID to merge their accounts to.

Once the merge option has been released, we will continue with the upgrades to PonyBox. We have a ton more updates to release throughout the remainder of the year. If you have any questions in regards to the merge or updates please post them here.
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Thank you! I have one question. I want to keep the id to this barn, 160393, as I'll be merging my accounts to this one. Will I be able to keep this id?
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  16,744 career posts 2710 days ago
Yes, whichever barn you are merging to is the ID you will keep. However, the barn ID you are merging from will be lost.
PonyBox   MOD   •  67 career posts 2710 days ago
Great thank you! Loving the updates so far :)
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  16,745 career posts 2710 days ago
Awesome! So if I wanted to move just my Pegasus and nokota account to my paint, I could? Or do it have to move them all? Thank you :)
W i l d H o r s e s     •  11,178 career posts 2710 days ago
So I have many accounts, so do I have the option of merging only a few to certain accounts or is it an all for one thing.?
Ruby Creek Ranch     •  884 career posts 2710 days ago
I have a question

I don't have my log in details for some of my accounts so would it be possible to give the barn names and IDs of the barns I'm wanting to merge together
Kaylied Estal      •  43,299 career posts 2710 days ago
RoR - How do you then have proof of owning them? :S
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  2,078 career posts 2710 days ago
Harrington - Maybe IP addresses? I know Jeff has access to them because the admin sometimes use them to prevent scams such as people pretending to be a new/different player on a different account. :)
Cri International     •  8,764 career posts 2710 days ago
@Wild Horses - You can move just one or as many as you like.

@Riders Of Rohan - You must know the login details to prove you own the accounts you want to merge. If you are having issues accessing accounts please email PonyBox at

@Harrington - You will be required to validate the account you are merging, by entering the associated login information.
PonyBox   MOD   •  68 career posts 2710 days ago
I emailed you as ago and still don't have access to several accounts.
Padfoot     •  1,557 career posts 2710 days ago
@Cross Fire Equestrian - PonyBox support has all emails answered that were sent up to and including July 3rd. If you emailed us at on July 3rd or before and have not received a response, then please resend.
PonyBox   MOD   •  69 career posts 2710 days ago
I will do when I get home. I don't have access to my emails at the moment. I sent it just after paint merged :(
Padfoot     •  1,558 career posts 2710 days ago

I sent a message through email about my accounts, but I didn't get a response and I hate to be annoying haha.

I have legacy server accounts on every server (except PB3) with the same username and password (because I figured they'd be easy to remember). So now when I put in the username and password, I only get into my morgan account.

Is there a way to change my other usernames so that I could get into my Paint/Pegi/Nokkie accounts too?
Relentless     •  7,373 career posts 2710 days ago
Question...u said that the brands of the accounts u r merging will be lost...then what happens to the horses that had that brand? Do they get ur main account's brand or are they now brandless and someone else can brand them?
AccountForSale1     •  1,030 career posts 2710 days ago

Now I just have to remember all my login info rofl.

Thanks, Jeff!
Mesty   MOD   •  8,427 career posts 2710 days ago
@Relentless-you'll need to send an email to, and request to have your username changed on the account.
Velski     •  10,320 career posts 2710 days ago
@Relentless - Yes email us at and we can get all your accounts up and running.
PonyBox   MOD   •  72 career posts 2710 days ago
@Southern Haven Equines - Horses will be rebranded to the account you are merging into.
PonyBox   MOD   •  73 career posts 2710 days ago
This is all very exciting stuff! :)
MCR Equestrian   MOD   •  159 career posts 2710 days ago
Sorry, one more question. Like this account, all of my others have used email addresses that have been deleted. I think one or two have my current. Can I still merge them?
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  16,767 career posts 2710 days ago
what will the new limit on active horses be with this merged account? I have multiple breeds going and cant afford to lose space but I also really want to merge my accounts
Zanzer Elite Tersks     •  1,109 career posts 2707 days ago
How will the low IDs be given out?

Will those already with a low ID who don't merge be assigned to a new one?
Pyke Harbour Stables     •  36,256 career posts 2707 days ago
@Pyke Harbour Stables - We will make a post soon on how the members that donated for the low ID's can get new ones.

@Zanzer Elite Tersks - The new limit is 250 active horses per account.

@Storm Surge Equestrian - Yes, you do not need to verify email address to merge.
PonyBox   MOD   •  444 career posts 2707 days ago
Click the My Settings link on the left menu to merge your accounts. Remember, this is not reversable and please allow 2-3 days for the merger to process.
PonyBox   MOD   •  445 career posts 2707 days ago
For example, could I merge this account with a brand new one that I just made?
SOLD Barn     •  2,890 career posts 2699 days ago
Will there be an option to change the username of my account? I always had the same username for the different servers so now I'm stuck with a letter at the end of my login and wouldn't mind being able to switch it back to what it was
Flemington Mares Immortal      •  56,036 career posts 2699 days ago
IS- You can only merge accounts from Legacy Servers, no new accounts can be merged.

Missy- If you message admin, you can have them change it for you. c:
Mesty   MOD   •  33,791 career posts 2699 days ago
Thanks Mesty!
SOLD Barn     •  2,903 career posts 2694 days ago
How long will account mergeing be going on?

&& will ID's change once mergeing is "closed"?
SOLD Barn     •  6,814 career posts 2640 days ago
i have not been on in quite a while. the merger was very new and i just got my accounts set to merge. but when i last logged off i had ALOT of items. now it says i have none. why is this?
Sparkling Jewell Ranch     •  13 career posts 2628 days ago
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