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Hi guys, Polo has arrived! :D

Those of you who know me should know that I adopted a racehorse off the track in August of 2010, Ponybox's favourite steed 'Moonfire', whose progress I have tracked on here through a series of articles. Since you haven't heard from me in a while, I thought I'd give you all an update on what Moo and I have been up to this year.

For some background information, the two of us took a nasty tumble last year when we got tangled up in an oxer and flipped over at a show. We've since had some confidence issues with our jumping, but I'm proud to say that we are working through them, and coming off two wins this weekend (over piddly 1m jumps. XD ) I think we're well on our way to being back on form.

So! Without further ado, I present his Royal Highness, Master Moonfire, Lord of the Chickens, Founding Father of Equine Vampirism, Self-Declared King of Awesome and 9-time winner of the ‘Brattiest Horse' award.

First off, some tackless jumping. He's actually pretty good at it, when he's not throwing a fit and rearing about how strong the bit is. (It's a neck strap, genius.) -_-

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Next, a spot of dressage. He's won a fair amount of his Novice classes, one with 76%, and has WAY more than enough points for elementary. We tried one elementary and he scored over 60%, so overall I'd say I have a pretty fancy dressage pony. :)

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And out into the country! Moo has just upgraded to 90cm and placed 3rd and 1st in his first two events at that level. He's also schooling confidently around 1m tracks, so we'll be moving on up soon enough.

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Well, this is just for fun.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And this is just to prove that my horse does love me. XD (Hey, somebody has to. :P )

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Here's where Moo won his 'Summer Series' Championship; four shows held over a couple of months: two events, one dressage, one jumping. They gave us lots of prizes. It was cool. XD

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And lastly, a jumping session last week that admittedly got a little out of hand. My logic being, "I want to see what he'll do." 1,50m is what he did. Clear and confident first time.

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Polio! *glomps*
Tis Girleh dear.
Good to see you here and with that fancy mod badge too ;)
Padfoot     •  575 career posts 2703 days ago
Girleh! My it seems just yesterday that... *Strokes beard and tells long, boring story*

Why yes, my Mod badge and I are delighted to be back here. Facebook was just not a large enough audience to flaunt my Moo's awesomeness to. XD
Polo the Weirdo   MOD   •  87 career posts 2703 days ago
We must catch up soon and perhaps an RP for old times sakes! Bella got a pretty picture I shall send her to you!!

You should come and breed awesomesauce ponies with me ;)
Padfoot     •  19 career posts 2703 days ago
wow! awesome as usual! glad to see you are back!
JC Equus 1    MOD   •  1,429 career posts 2703 days ago
Woow you both look so good!
has a cracking jump on him
Heartlands Toris      •  3,907 career posts 2703 days ago
I want that horse.
I need that horse.
Sonny Int     •  2,131 career posts 2703 days ago
Thanks folks. :)

And Sonny, I apologise, but this Moo is sticking with me until one of us is dead. Probably me if he has anything to do with it. XD
Polo the Weirdo   MOD   •  89 career posts 2703 days ago
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