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I am a new player to Ponybox. I played this server in 2005 and am now back.
I am looking for advice and tips on how best to succeed, because it is clear things have changed since I left!
A little about me, I am a 15 year-old boy named Colin. I am a huge fan of Horse Racing and have a lot of good friends in the industry. I have been riding since I was six. My favorite racehorses are Mylute, Silky Sullivan, and Comma to the Top. And I desire to become a breeder, trainer and owner of Thoroughbred horses.

Advice is encouraged!

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You played when you were 6? O_o
Foxtrot Equine     •  2,675 career posts 2327 days ago
Indeed I did!
Idle Hour Stock Farm     •  2 career posts 2327 days ago
Welcome back, Colin! Call me Stormeh. Feel free to message me if you need help or just looking to talk. I love meeting new people :D
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  15,372 career posts 2327 days ago
What was your barn name? :) I've been around since then, as have a couple of other players. Maybe we recognise you?
Foxtrot Equine     •  2,677 career posts 2327 days ago
I've been around since 07...were you still playing then?
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  15,373 career posts 2327 days ago
Welcome back! I'm Mesty, feel free to message me if you have questions. :3
Mesty   MOD   •  8,218 career posts 2327 days ago
Hello and welcome to the dark side. Cookie?

As for game tips, it would probably be easier if you asked exactly what you want to know :P there's a lot to cover in gameplay. If you ever have any questions feel free to post them in the forums, or if need be PM myself or another moderator. Be sure to read the forum rules. They haven't changed, though.

I'm also a big horse racing fan. Although I mostly follow New Zealand racing, and to some extent Australian.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  6,335 career posts 2327 days ago
Welcome back to PonyBox.
Just don't be annoying and you'll be fine.
Speaking of racing, pretty sure I'm working at the Kentucky Oaks and Derby this year.
I'm kind of terrified.
No Longer Really Here     •  10,218 career posts 2327 days ago

Hi, I'm Saint. :DDD Welcome back, enjoy your stay. :)
S A I N T     •  11,081 career posts 2327 days ago
Harrington Stud II, I was Tiocfaidh Ar La, and I bred Suffolk Punches.

Storm Surge, I do not think I was playing then, sorry.

Valkyrie, what is this new genetic boost thing, and how has the feed changed?
Kiwi Racing is okay, I will admit that I do not keep too up to date outside of America and Dubai. Really loved Sunline and of course I was rooting for Black Caviar at Royal Ascot. Love Red Cadeaux too, really thought he would get the Melbourne Cup finally, but he never draws well!

Nocte Silenti, working for Churchill Downs sounds interesting. I have friends who ran a horse in the Derby last year and though I have never been to live racing at Churchill, they did not seem to think highly of the management. Personally, I am more antiStronach. I have toured Adena Springs and it is a wonderful farm, but I cannot stand how hard he plows his tracks, not to mention his running Gulfstream whilst Calder is running.
Idle Hour Stock Farm     •  3 career posts 2327 days ago
Welcome back! I've been here since '10 but take quite a few breaks periodically, especially during the summers when I compete.
Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat! I love people! And I (rarely) bite!
Habitual High Flyers     •  6,119 career posts 2327 days ago
Okay :)
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  15,385 career posts 2327 days ago
The genetic MODS are something you give your horses, or which they are born with if their parents have them. You can find them like regular items, or donate to get them. They're supposed to give your horse a jumping boost (PEG DNA) or increase their likelihood of producing twins (High Fertility DNA). The feed you now need to purchase, and you can use various items to change them to better feed.

Personally I prefer Dunaden over Red Cadeaux XD but Red Cadeaux is still a nice horse. I backed him one year in the Cup. And Sunline was the horse that got me into racing in the first place haha. She was a great horse.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  6,339 career posts 2327 days ago
Valkyrie, thanks for the help.
I like Dunaden because of his bloodlines (right now the only group/grade winner who traces to the Byerley Turk through his sire line), but Red Cadeaux is my man. Love that sprinter that shuttles up here, More Than Ready, too. Very nice horse, and his horses like a few more furlongs than a sprint too, oddly enough. Got to see Americain in person, he ran pretty well in the Melbourne Cup, and they always say American horses can't go the distance. Of course huge respect for Fastnet Rock and Zabeel and all those sires down there. Especially love how my favorite guy Cape Blanco and then not so talented Bernardini are spreading their bloodlines down there as well. Cape Blanco was a very nice horse. Saw him win the Joe Hirsch in person on Super Saturday.
Idle Hour Stock Farm     •  4 career posts 2327 days ago
More than Ready is great! Americain is a gorgeous hunk of horseflesh, too. Big, beautiful boy. Gutsy run the time he won the Cup.

I've worked for Cambridge Stud and got to meet Zabeel and see Stravinsky and Cape Blanco in the flesh. Cape Blanco is very handsome. His first NZ foals will be yearlings next season I think.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  6,340 career posts 2327 days ago
Saw More than Ready and Americain, Americain looked more like Arazi than Dynaformer, I must say, though.

Hope they do well, he was a very nice horse. Probably my third favorite turf 12 furlonger, behind St. Nicholas Abbey and Gentildonna.
Idle Hour Stock Farm     •  5 career posts 2326 days ago
I don't ride, but the barn I did go to once had one of Secretariat's great great grandsons :)
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  15,419 career posts 2326 days ago
Secretariat was a good sire, better as a broodmare sire. Makes sense of course, everyone thought he was a speed sire but he was a stamina sire. Can't expect a stamina sire to start throwing champions. Once you obeyed the traditional format and put his daughters up with a good speed horse, they started coming like no one's business!
Idle Hour Stock Farm     •  6 career posts 2326 days ago
Hey i'm Mooshy!
You won't know me as i am from the Paint server and don't come over here that often, but it's nice to see new/returning players :D.
I'm afraid i'm no horse racing fan in the slightest, even though i know more about it then i care to admit simply because my RL best friend just talks about it none stop and wants to become a jockey lol!
But anyway Welcome back xD
Mooshy ish a Chicken     •  111 career posts 2326 days ago
Exactly. I'm honestly not a racing fan but I do love Secretariat haha
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  15,423 career posts 2326 days ago
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