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Well as of Friday afternoon I go back to Centenary again. I have to return early as my sorority volunteered to do move in day on Saturday..which will be quite long.

After going to a open house for a equestrian center/birthday party for a trainer I worked for and with for awhile on Saturday, which was quite the event..I had to drive an hour back from my best friends house to interview the girl I found to hack Joker for me while I am up at school. Some weekends I will be coming down of course, but I can't all the time due to being in the sorority, showing with the college and the sorority.. plus sometimes I will be slammed with school work. *just remembers she needs ink for her printer*

Luckily it went very well, and I liked the way she rode him. Seems like it will go well and I have one less thing to worry about.. Once he is fully recovered and back in full work as of October I can think about bringing him back to the school, or to a barn nearby which would be nice. We will see..To say I am stressed is a understatement. Least my last day at the job I loathe is on Wednesday.

Oh and my truck is being evil again. It loves to be evil it seems. At least though Joker can go back into full work and do over fence work again once October is here. It should come fast. Hopefully. And thats all she wrote.
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glad you have found someone to hack him!
I'd steal him.. *cough* um...

*looks around sheepishly*
Santa Ana Ranch   MOD   •  29,070 career posts 2828 days ago
Centenary as in the college in NJ?
Indian Creek Stables     •  5,064 career posts 2828 days ago
Santa Ana - Haha I know you would.

Indian Creek - Yes. Im going for Equine Business Management.
Capall Manor LLC     •  5,479 career posts 2828 days ago
That's crazy! My mom really wanted me to look at that college, it seemed okay. How do you like it? I'd be going for the same thing.
Indian Creek Stables     •  5,065 career posts 2828 days ago
Like any school it has its strong points and weak points. The curriculum is awesome and the fact we get to be hands on. I love the fact we have a vet on property and get to work with him hands on; always a plus. Like anywhere, you have the cliques and things that are "eh" to deal with but, I like it. Wish the campus was a bit larger but at the same time I am glad because I do not get lost! I have a bad sense of direction. haha!
Capall Manor LLC     •  5,480 career posts 2828 days ago
Haha yeah I hear ya! I go to go a high school with nearly 3,000 students in it lol. So I don't know if I'm looking for a larger or smaller school. I do like the idea of hands on and it does sound nice. But it's in New Jersey and I'm in PA. I know that's not far but I just like the idea of staying in the state haha. I'm really interesting in Delaware Valley College, have you heard of it?
Indian Creek Stables     •  5,066 career posts 2828 days ago
I went to a high school that, my graduating class had over two thousand in it alone. I started college later on, as I could not afford it at the time and had some family issues going on. So I started a bit late but it works. We have a lot of international students, even ones that ride which is always interesting and fun. Yes, I have heard of Del Val.
Capall Manor LLC     •  5,481 career posts 2828 days ago
That's what I want as well, a lot of people like me haha. Del Val is an agricultural school so it is like that. I visited there and really liked it but maybe I'll take the time to visit Centenary now too (:
Indian Creek Stables     •  5,067 career posts 2828 days ago
Awesome! Well not to sound creepy lol, but if you do decide to come visit send me a message on here. When people go to the equine center, they have us talk to them and take them on tours of the facility.
Capall Manor LLC     •  5,482 career posts 2828 days ago
Doesn't sound creepy at all! If I do go, I'll definitely get in touch with you (:
Indian Creek Stables     •  5,068 career posts 2828 days ago
Sounds good!
Capall Manor LLC     •  5,483 career posts 2828 days ago
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