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Home of _Poltergeist PonyBox's one and only ALL 100 super!
I did not fill out my page for my own benefit. Please read it prior to breeding with my horses or messaging me with questions about my horses, items, etc.
Best Rank: 1 [08-25-15]
Best Horse Rank: 1 CL Magic Night[07-06-15]
1 _Poltergeist [08-16-15]

Post Update A/B: Best Rank (barn) - 20
Post Update A/B: Best Rank (horse) - 1 (CL Leninogorsk)

Post Update C: Best Rank (barn) - 31 [02-4-17]
Post Update C: Best Rank (horse) - 1 (CL Lurking Star) [01-16-17]

Post Update D: Best Rank (barn) - 1 [09-1-18]
Post Update D: Best Rank (horse) - 1 (CL Shades of Red) [08-26-17]
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My DeviantART

As some people apparently don't read all the way in his comments or haven't seen my rules for him in the forums I'm putting them here. At the very top. You have until the foals turn two to retire them OR make them pure by using a Diamond Horse Shoe (DHS). After that I will message you once asking you to do one of those two things. If you refuse, I will get a mod involved. If that doesn't work I will leave karma on your barn. This is the ONLY reason I will EVER leave negative karma. I spent a lot of money on him, I'm serious about the rules.
Top Studs
All 100 Shire Stallion|Jumps 166.25"|BR: 1|Stud Fee: 500K|Immortal|Foundation
You MUST use a DHS on your foal or retire it

CL Magic Night
All 52 QH Stallion|Jumps:122.75"|BR: 1|Stud Fee: 150K|Immortal

All 10 Thoroughbred Stallion|Jumps 89" (Natural)|BR: 108|Stud Fee: 75K

10-10-10-8 Thoroughbred Stallion|Jumps 88.25" (Natural)|BR: 202|Stud Fee: 25K

14-13-14-13 Thoroughbred Stallion|Jumps 90.5"|BR: 83|Stud Fee: 175K|Immortal|Foundation

CL Code Red
All 14 Thoroughbred Stallion|Jumps 85"|BR: 4|Stud Fee: 250K|Immortal

Mission Blue
All 10 Thoroughbred Stallion|Jumps 82.25"|BR: 173|Stud Fee: 150K|Immortal

CL Lucifer
All 10 Friesian Stallion|Jumps 80.75"|BR: 64|Stud Fee: 55K|Immortal|Foundation

SC LurkWhereYaWanna
All 10 Thoroughbred Stallion|Jumps 89.25"|BR: 95|Stud Fee: 150K|Immortal
About Colins Legacy
I will be there I will listen United States of America Writer MCRMY Grunge INTJ Punk Rock Dog Lover Body Positive Tea Metalhead Butterfly Project Bookworm Equestrian Suicide Prevention Substance Abuse Awareness Self-Harm Survivor Religious Tolerance PTSD Awareness Equal Rights Eating Disorder Awareness Domestic Violence Awareness Depression Awareness Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Bipolar Disorder Awareness Anxiety Disorder Awareness Animal Abuse Awareness Music Self-harm Awareness Horse Minecraft PLUR Coexist No Hate

I am always here to talk with anyone who needs or would like to chat.

I am a female living in Texas with my two dogs and boyfriend. I do work full time and especially during summer and holidays things can be very hectic. I will be back but sometimes I end up being gone for a month or so just due to RL things. If this is in some way problematic for you, shoot me a PM and I may give another way or two to reach me (depending on how well we know each other mostly. I like all of you but if we've really never talked or only chatted once or twice...probably not going to give you further contact info.)

When I'm on, chances are I'm multi-tasking. I'm usually at least also watching tv if not on PB on my phone and gaming on the computer. Point being: even if it says I'm online, it may take some time for me to reply.

I've been a part of the PB community for over 10 years *suddenly feels old* and I have always cherished the community here and the friends I have made. I'm usually willing to try to work things out as far as pricing/services but there are certain things I won't change no matter what. Mostly those are breeding fees to my DNA horses. I worked hard to get them and keep them around. Just because I can spare the breedings doesn't mean I will let them go cheap. I will bring a horse back for DNA breeding just for you, BUT I'll either want you to supply the DNA item(s) needed OR I will include the going price for a DNA item in the fee.

NONE of my immortal horses are for sale at this time. You may ask about me bringing back a horse from retirement for you, but you must supply the item.

Item Sales
Items are usually not for sale. Usually I will post about them in the forums if any are available.

Horse Sales/Cloning

Horses are not for sale unless already listed. I do offer foal reservations on most horses.
No horses are available for cloning, especially not the supers.
Breeding Programs & Friend Art
Not Active At This Time
This breed is the main focus of this barn. AOS and I have brought them back from extinction and they are a fantastic breed! We release them slowly...usually one foal at a time via the forums. I cannot say enough about how fabulous this breed is in every way. They produce well, rank well, and Id say its shocking when one doesnt hit over 80 at its peak.

Cleveland Bays
Not Active At This Time
I have started messing around with this breed and they have proven to be awesome! They almost always jump over 80" and produce well too! I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to try a rare-ish breed for the first time. Can't say enough about these lovelies!!

Quarter Horses
Not Active At This Time
I still dabble in QHs since I have Magic Night, but I am rebuilding my lines for the time. So, I cannot offer any help besides with studs for now. This is fairly true of all other breeds you may see on this account.

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