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|| Welcome To Bucki International - From Bronco's To Steeds, The Sky's The Limit! ||
RL health comes first, this is only just a game. So if I go missing its nothing personal, Im likely dealing with a lot IRL. Thanks for understanding.

Sometimes the realization that you deserve better is the first step towards your new beginning.
Never underestimate the hidden power that you have in you.
Only in your solitude you get to experience the talents inside you. Never doubt your strength.
You are worthy, be proud of yourself!

Bucki International
About Me
Hello, I'm Kirsten, better known as Bucksters!

I'm a 27 year old mom of two boys from Oklahoma.

I've been playing Ponybox since 2007.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues you may have.
About My Barn

Welcome to Bucki International.
Here I strive to breed an elite herd of Thoroughbreds.
My herd is diverse with naturals, itemed, charmed, and super horses! Naturals and itemed, no charm, I expect 97+
Charmed, I expect 99+
Supers, I expect 104+
Currently our horses are private unless otherwise stated.
I am always looking for useful items and credits! Ill pay top prices so please feel free to message me.

! = Super Horse
` = Stud Gen Project
= Filly From Stud gen Project
Elite Studs
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Name: Jump: Stud Fee:
Name: Jump: Stud Fee:
My Other Barns
Elite Mares
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Be Kind
Gen Project

Tis Time The Grand Finale!

I started a mission on July 28, 2021.
Whats the mission you might ask?
To create a 100th Generation Stallion!

To complete this mission I had to make a game plan.
My game plan took a bit to figure out but after I worked it out it turned into great timing to be completed today, on my birthday! :D

It all started with this little guy - B*I M Generation 29

Now let's visit these studs, ten gens at a time! :)

Gen 30-39 (Original names in the beginning, I know. xD)
B*I M Generation 30
B*I M Generation 31
B*I M Generation 32
B*I M Generation 33
B*I M Generation 34
B*I M Generation 35
B*I M Generation 36
B*I M Generation 37
B*I M Generation 38
B*I M Generation 39

At this point I came up with a naming Idea to follow through to gen 100.
I decided to name every tenth generation after a different rock band. And the next 9 gens after a song I like from that band.

Gen 40-49 (Band - Shinedown)
`B*I Shinedown
`B*I StateOfMyHead
`B*I Outcast
`B*I Misfits
`B*I It All Adds Up
`B*I Asking For It
`B*I Enemies
`B*I SoundOfMadness
`B*I I`ll Follow U
`B*I Cut The Cord

Gen 50-59 (Band - Starset)
! `B*I STARSET(Gen 50 - All 15 Super!)
`B*I First Light
`B*I Telescope
`B*I Satelite
`B*I Antigravity
`B*I Dark On Me
`B*I No Return
`B*I Rise and Fall
`B*I Manifest
`B*I My Demons

Gen 60-69 (Band - Daughtry)
`B*I Daughtry
`B*I Battleships
`B*I Ill Fight
`B*I Renegade
`B*I Broken Arrows
`B*I Life After You
`B*I No Surprise
`B*I Outta My Head
`B*I What About Now
`B*I Heavy Crown

Gen 70-79 (Band - Nickelback)
`B*I Nickelback
`B*I Far Away
`B*I Home
`B*I You Remind Me
`B*I Everyone Cared
`B*I Never Be Alone
`B*I NextContestant
`B*I Photograph
`B*I Rockstar
`B*I Someday

Gen 80-89 (Band - Theory Of A Deadman)
`B*I All or Nothing
`B*I By The Way
`B*I Gentleman
`B*I No Way Out
`B*I Not Meant 2B
`B*I Savages
`B*I So Happy
`B*I The Truth Is
`B*I Wait For Me

Gen 90-99 (Band - Breaking Benjamin)
`B*I Breaking Benja
`B*I Angels Fall
`B*I Dear Agony
`B*I Failure
`B*I Forget It
`B*I Had Enough
`B*I Will Not Bow
`B*I So Cold
`B*I Torn In Two
`B*I UnknownSoldier

And Finally ... Born today, October 13th, 2021.
The First Ever 100th Generation Stallion.
! `Centennial Song`

For those of you who might be curious on how I kept up with each breeding and kept from line breeding I did create a PEDIGREE SHEET to work off of as there was no way I could have remembered all those mares lines otherwise. I promise it is worth looking at as there are some AMAZING lines within this project dating back to 2012. xD

Thank you to those who knew what I was doing, kept it hush, supported me and kept me going forwards. I nearly quit this project 4 different times. Without yall 100 Cent would not be here today!
Also a huge shout out to everyone who allowed me to buy items off them for this project, I certainly didn't start this thing with all the items I needed in hand.

I hope yall enjoy this boy as much as I do!

I love you all very much. Thank you Ponybox Friends for always being there when needed and being such a supportive community.


Bucki International

Feel free to contact me with any issues you may have!

Raise a 93" TB || Accomplished
Raise a 93.25" TB || Accomplished
Raise a 93.5" TB || Accomplished
Raise a 93.75" TB ||Accomplished
Raise Ten 93"+ Jumpers || Accomplished
Raise Twenty 93" Jumpers || Accomplished
Raise Thirty 93" Jumpers || Accomplished
Raise Forty 93"+ Jumpers || Accomplished
Raise a 94"+ Jumper || Accomplished
Raise a 94"+ Jumping MARE || Accomplished
Raise Five 94"+ Jumpers || Accomplished
Raise Ten 94"+ Jumpers || 9/10
Raise a 95"+ Jumper || ------------


^^Me and Red when we first started (Yes, I know I wasn't good and he wasn't either). I love my gelding and he is willing to try anything for me but never should to beginners try this. xD

^^Red is my gardain Angel. I was 6 months pregnant and still riding him(didnt know i was pregnant), I'm very blessed to have him and my son in my life. My Men *hearts*

^He is also my best friend, no matter what I can go to him and he always cheers me up... Right after I had my jaw surgery I went out to the pasture and he was there. I wasn't allowed to ride but I did get up on him and he stood there relaxed and never offered to move. He knew I was in pain and he helped me forget what I was going through. I would trade him for any other animal period!

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