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This is Monticule, I am currently help taking care of this barn for sheep while she takes a break! Hoping for her return soon! :)
If an item is up for sale, below market value, or at 1pb, DO NOT BUY IT. Thank you.

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Welcome to The Black Sheep

"go against the grain."

Welcome to the black sheep! My main breed is Arabians, I do have a few thoroughbreds from when I bred tbs, and if you are interested in foals from them please let me know! But the main thing I do here is breed Arabians. They have so much potential and need more serious breeders! If you are interested in starting with this great breed, please let me know, and I would be more than happy to set you up with a breeding pair and some foals! I am working with a few other players on different projects, but mostly on getting new Arabian foundations. I also sell credits here for $8 a pop. I also do manipulations, please look at the section below for more information! -sheep :3
Please check out my item sale barn! I am trying to keep it well stocked and I am really trying to keep the prices really reasonable! ITEM Atelier by The Sheep, check it out! ^.^

Manipulation Pricing:
{#1} basic horse picture: $2.50 or 1.5 Million Ponybucks. Though most of the customs I accept are for real money {usd}
this option includes a basic background, a horse with no mane and tail work and limited detail work. Though it is basic, it is still beautiful, for examples of this options look at the examples with a #1 next to it.
{#2} more detailed horse pic: $5.00-$7.50 or 3.5-5 Million Ponybucks.
this option includes more detail than option one, for example, a horse with mane and tail work, shading on the body, a more complex background, overlays. Look for examples with a #2 next to them. Most horse pics fall into this category.
{#3} " la Carte" horse pic: $10 or 7.5+ Million Ponybucks. Anything you can dream up, I will try my best make it a reality. Look for examples with a {#3} next to it.
{#4} layout/full manip: $15+, I do not do these for Ponybucks unless it is a special circumstance.Whatever you want, look for examples with a {#4} next to them.

**All Prices Are Negotiable!

Arabians of Note:

{Cairo} 94.25" Stallion 12-12-12-12, Best Rank: 3, 9 Active, 1 Passive DNA. He isn't put for public studding but if you are interested in breeding with him, please let me know!

{Bahrain} 93.75" Mare 14-14-14-14, Best Rank: 2, 3 Active, 0 Passive DNA. She is open for foal reservations for 250k. She is the highest jumping arabian mare.

{Islamabad} 92.75" Stallion 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 165, 9 Active, 1 Passive DNA. He is available for stud but not publically, 100k stud fee.

{Marrakesh} 91.75" Mare 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 103, 9 Active, 1 Passive DNA. Foal reservations are 150k.

{Kabul} 90.25" Stallion 10-10-10-10, 10 Active, 1 Passive DNA. He is out of the thoroughbred super No Good Deed and my immortal arabian mare Arabis.

Surat al-Isra 89.75" Mare 10-10-10-10, 2 Active, 2 Passive DNA. Rare foundation lines. Not available for foal reservations.

{Dubai} 88" Foundation Mare 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 41, 3 Active, 0 Passive DNA. Available for foal reservations for 200k.

{Abu Dhabi} 86.5" Foundation Stallion 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 68, 3 Active, 0 Passive DNA. Not up for stud, but on request he is available.

3Pc *Arabis* 85" Immortal Mare 14-14-14-14, Best Rank: 60, 10 Active, 0 Passive DNA.

Thoroughbred's I Still Own:

*A Million Reasons* 92" Stallion 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 1, 10 Active, 1 Passive DNA. Out of the super Poppy Ray and his highest jumping non-super foal.

Christian Dior 90.25" Mare 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 15, 10 Active, 1 Passive DNA.

A Satisfied Mind 86.25" Immortal Mare 10-10-10-10, Best Rank: 20, 8 Active, 1 Passive DNA.

Customs: Open | Closed

Manips in Progress:

{#1} BMC: About 65% done, she was wanting a dark horse running in the sand under a night sky.

{#2} Pepper: About 50% done, a dark horse with a lightning tail and a blaze shaped like a lightning bolt.

{#3} King: COMPLETED. payment due.

{#4} Iron: About 25% Done. All stock cut together and lighting work has been started.


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