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.About the Farm.
Well we are Sorenson Stables. It was named after one of my favorite NASCAR driver Reed Sorenson (41). We are breeding Rare breed horses rigth now.

.About Me.
Hi1 My name is Jessica. I am 23 years old and yes I still play ponybox. I have been playing for a few years now. I love NASCAR a lot. I have been watching it since I was 5 years old. My favorite drivers are Dale Earnhardt(He was the driver that got me started in racing), Dale Jr. (88 starting 2008{was 8}), Reed Sorenson (32), Kasey Kahne (9), Denny Hamlin (11), Martin Truex Jr. (56), Mark Martin (5 in 2009 and 2010) 8 half-time in 2008 {01 in 2007 [6 in 2005 and back some]}), and many other drivers.
I have three real life Appaloosa horses.
My oldest horse is my Appy mare Fancy. Her show name is Ms. Fancy Fantasy. She is 25 years old and she still shows. She loves running barrels and gymkahna events. Fancy is 14.1hh and she is a registered bay appaloosa with white over her head, body and hips. Here is a picture taken July 21, 2007 of us taking off for barrels.

My second oldest horse is my Appy gelding Goer. His show name is Goer III, so you can probally guess that his sires name is Goer II and his grandsire is of course Goer. He is 19 years old. I got him when he was 13 years old from. I worked with him and now he is calm as can be. He loves to jump. He is a natural at it. He was never trained in jump but has perfect jumping position and everything. He jumped 5 feet at a stand still. He was in a temparty stall with was 12 x 12 or it was 9 x 9 not really sure and it was 5 feet in height. He had no way of getting a running start. He is trained to run barrels and ride saddle seat. I love him with all my heart. Here is a picture of him last winter (2006).

My youngest and last horse I own is my Appy gelding Cow (aka Cowboy). His Show name is Executive Request. He is 17 years old. He look more like a breeding stock Paint then Appaloosa, but he is a Registered CPO Appaloosas. Both of his parents are colored Appaloosas. He is kinda slow and lazy. His favorite speed is stop unless he sees barrels or he is reining. He has a ROM in Reining. He was used for Challenged Riders and theropy. He loves to play with people in the field and sometimes he acts like a cow. He is like a big fuzzy puppy dog too. He is really good at cow cutting and reining. I just started useing him for barrels and he loves it. He does english and western same as my horse fancy. He is a really good showmanship horse too. He is gay too this may sound strange but he acts marey and teases the stallions. If you ever seen a mare in heat that is what he acts like. He was beat up when he was in the gelding pasture so they put him in the mare and foal pasture. So that could be why. He loves foal and ponys a lot. Well here is a picture that I took this year (2007) in the spring at night.

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